Indian debit cards 'compromised' in security breach, raises concern

Indian debit cards compromised in security breach raises concern pardesi news 1477291543

As over 32 lakh debit cards compromised: Finance ministry seeks information from banks on security breach

A number of major Indian banks are taking safety measures amid fears that the security of around 3.2 million debit cards has been compromised.  These debit cards have come under threat of potential financial fraud after reportedly the systems of Hitachi Payments Services were infested of a malware.

Some of the affected banks have been asking their customers to change security codes. They are also blocking and replacing debit cards. While some of the banks like SBI have re-called around 6 lakh cards+, others such as Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank, Central Bank and Andhra Bank have already replaced their debit cards which are affected as a pre-emptive measure. The breach is thought to have been caused by malware on an ATM network.  The leading private banks - Axis Bank, HDFC, Yes Bank, and ICICI are also believerd to be worst hurt, and are taking similar preemptive measures. The customers have been receiving cautionary messages from their respective banks asking them to change the ATM PIN. Axis Banks resorted to blocking the ATMs till the PIN was changed from the bank's ATM. Yes Bank also limited the cash withdrawal to maximum Rs 5,000 per day till the PIN was changed.

Concerned over security breach, the finance ministry has sought details from lenders as also the additional steps that need to be taken to avert such incidents. The Department of Financial Services has sought information about implication of such data compromise from Indian Banks Association, according to one of the official, "We have got information from SBI that PIN (Personal Identification Number) related with few debit cards has been compromised and the bank is in the process of replacing it with new card in secured manner".  

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