Some British Indian tends to abandon wives in India, says UK report

Some British Indian abandons wives in India says UK report pardesi news 1476959457

A UK report released recently reveals that some British Indian men abandon wives in India.

A new report by a UK University has revealed that some British Indian men are among the broader South-Asian group, residing in the UK, guilty of mistreating and abandoning their wives in their countries of origin. Academics at the University of Lincoln have discovered that these men have been taking thousands of pounds from their new wife's family and using the women as domestic slaves for their in-laws.

The Lincoln University’s report entitled ‘Disposable Women, Violence and Abandonment in Transnational Marriages’ describe the practice as an emerging form of violence against women, ‘especially in the context of spanning the UK and the Indian subcontinent. “Ongoing demands for dowry, and escalating violence where such demands could not be met, were significant contexts for abuse for the majority of the women. Inability to meet dowry demands eventually triggered abandonment for most of the women left with their in-laws”, reveals the report.

The report further recommends that women who once resided in the UK (no matter how briefly) should be treated in all respects as domestic violence victims. Academics behind the report demand the UK government to recognize the abuse of these so-called ‘disposable women’ to be treated as domestic violence.  According to the UK report – the transnational abandoned women should be issued with temporary visas to avail the UK’s Domestic Violence Rule.

The report says at the point of their visa application, British embassies abroad should provide the women a leaflet setting out their rights and entitlements under the UK immigration and family law.

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