Brazil wins the inaugural BRICS U-17 Football Tournament

Brazil wins the inaugural BRICS U 17 Football Tournament pardesi news 1476687115

Brazil has won the 1st BRICS U-17 Football Tournament 2016 held at Goa. In the Finals they defeated South Africa 5-1.

The BRICS U-17 Football Cup tournament was played among teams of five BRICS countries - economic block formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. On the occasion of the 8th BRICS summit, the 1st historic edition was played in Goa, India.

Brazil has won the inaugural BRICS U-17 Football Tournament 2016 held at Goa on the occasion of the 8th BRICS hosted in India. In the final match, Brazil defeated South Africa by 5-1 goals. Brazil’s Paulo Henrique Samapaio Filho scored the very first goal of the match in 24th Minute and Vinicius de Oliveira in the 34th minute, Victor de Oliveira scored a brace in the 40th and 61st minute to give Brazil an upper hand

The match played for the 3rd place between Russia and China, Russia defeated China 2-1 and India stood at the 5th position in the tournament.

The first-of-its-kind ten-day BRICS football tournament transcended the traditional spheres of interaction and opened the new vistas in the field of sports. The tournament was part of the grouping’s initiative to encourage greater cultural cooperation between the members.

Following the first edition, further such tournaments will take place once every year and following the lines of the tournaments under-17 FIFA. Each edition will be held in a BRICS nation. In it, all five teams shall play each other in a round-robin before the top two teams qualify for the final and the third and fourth place teams play in the third-place match. Importantly, it was the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who first mooted the idea of a BRICS film festival and film awards, and sports tournaments such as the BRICS U-17 Football Tournament. 

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