NRI Haj Volunteers Attract Attention through ‘Efficient Mobile Apps’

NRI Haj Volunteers Attract Attention through Efficient Mobile Apps  pardesi news 1476247600

The NRI Haj Volunteers played critical role during every Haj season by providing different services to Indian pilgrims, particularly sick and old pilgrims.

The dedicated services provided by Indian expatriate Haj volunteers have made a good impression on foreign pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. The foreign pilgrims have already left the country as the Haj season of 1437 Hijra (2016 AD) went close.

Reports say NRI volunteers who worked in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and elsewhere in Saudi Arabia have played an admirable role to make Indian pilgrims stays less tedious by extending services the pilgrims’ need, especially those that were old and ailing.  

The services were delivered by NRI Haj volunteers under various banners such as Risala Study Circle Haj Cell, KMCC Haj Cell, Jeddah Haj Welfare Forum, Kerala Relief Wing, and Indian Fraternity Forum (IFF). IFF has been holding leading position for about a decade over others in terms of their outstanding performance and dedicated and timely services to thousands of pilgrims from across the globe. Moreover, IFF leads the pack in terms of their innovations year by year to cater to the needs of pilgrims. IFF services to Indian Haj Pilgrims commences before pilgrims leave India. The services include awareness sessions at different locations across Indian states to educate Indian pilgrims on conducting the rituals of Haj in a safe and healthy environment and publishing the Haj guide.

Every year Indian expatriate Haj volunteers are finding new ways to improving their services to cater to the needs of the pilgrims which provides them appreciation from Indian Haj mission in Saudi as well as from various Saudi officials and agencies.

IFF had created an app called Mina Tent Locator in previous year to guide pilgrims in Mina to their tents accurately by utilising the widespread internet access. In the present year,  the app updated the map of Mina to include tent locations for pilgrims under the Mutawwif organizations of South Asian countries, South East Asian countries, African Non-Arab countries and Turkey and European countries, thus providing the service to guide pilgrims to their irrespective of their colour, language or nationality.

The IFF has also introduced another useful app, "Haj Navigator" in their endeavour to serve the pilgrims. This app is assisted by Google maps and uses data of roads and streets of Mina to offer Indian pilgrims the details of accommodation, hotels, hospitals and medical facilities in Mecca and Aziziyah. In addition, "Haj Navigator" provides way to guide thousands of pilgrims to their location.

These IFF apps were developed by one of its volunteers Muhammed Mukhthar. The apps are easy to use and needs internet connectivity only once during download for the first time. Several encouraging comments by Saudi and other nations appreciated the services of the Indian expatriates to the pilgrims

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