110-Year-old Indian-origin Man Holding Record for World’s Longest Marriage Dies

110 Year old Indian origin Man Holding Record for World s Longest Marriage Dies pardesi news 1476246271

An Indian-origin man in the UK, believed to hold the record for the world's longest marriage, has died.

Karam Chand, an Indian-origin man in the UK who holds the record for world’s longest marriage, has died at the age of 110 years from natural causes. He was about six weeks short of celebrating his 111th birthday.

Karam Chand and his wife Kartari became popular as a pair holding longest marriage record when they celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary in the previous year.

Chand was born in 1905 in Punjab in a farming family. He had an arranged sikh marriage with Kartari. The couple came to Bradford in 1965 and Chand started to work in city’s woollen mills. They lived at home in Girlington, near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Their now four generation-strong family is huge stretching down from Karam and includes eight children, 27 grandchildren and dozens of great-grandchildren.

Kartari stated that she consider themselves blessed to have been married and lived for long and now that her husband has died she will pray for his repose. Mrs. Kartari will turn 104 on 1st November 2016.

Chand’s son Harbhajan Das quoted “My father often said ‘happiness and contentment is what keeps me going through such a long and beautiful life’.”Harbhajan also threw light on his father’s food habits by disclosing that his father used to take breakfast at 6:30 AM and used to eat two chapatis in lunch as well as in dinner and ate apple daily”. Harbhajan quoted “even at this age his eye sight did not fail him and he used to read Punjabi books daily without the help of spectacles. He was not educated but used to read Punjabi”. "Eat and drink what you want but in moderation. I have never held back from enjoying my life," was Chand food mantra for healthy life.

On his long marriage, Chand once said "We know that being married for so long is a blessing - but equally we will be ready to go when it's time. It's all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life". Although this was believed to be the world record it had never officially been recognised by Guinness World Records. The oldest Guinness-recorded marriage is the 86-year union of American couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, both of whom have since died.

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