Indian-origin Shopkeeper Stops selling 9/11-themed Dress in UK

Indian origin Shopkeeper Stops selling 9 11 themed Dress in UK pardesi news 1476075127

Once pointed out by the on-lookers, an Indian-origin shopkeeper destroys 9/11-themed dress in his UK shop.

 Jaspir Bhatti, an Indian-origin shopkeeper in London, has removed a dress showcasing the 9/11 attacks. The move came following passers-by posting pictures of its unpleasant pattern on social media. Jaspir gave the dress to ‘The Sun’ newspaper to be destroyed and quoted “There is no way I would sell that, I'm so horrified. I couldn't even give this to charity. I'm absolutely shocked, it's just the wrong thing to do - it's terrifying".

The newspaper also found out that the wholesaler from which Jaspir reportedly purchased the dress had denied any association with the product. However, a clothing label on the dress traces its manufacturing in India and it is probable to have been exported from India to the UK.

Jaspir holds a stall at Chrisp Street market in Poplar area of east London. He became aware of the offensive design of the Twin Towers on fire on the 5-pound dress following posting of pictures of it on Facebook by passers-by.

Importantly, on September 11, 2001, the world society witnessed one of the most horrifying attack on its social fabric, when there were about 3,000 people killed after twin planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York.

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