High speed crash kills Indian-origin man in UK

High speed crash kills Indian origin man in UK pardesi news 1476023438

An Indian-origin man was killed along with his co-passenger due to speeding to beat the traffic lights in north-east England.

An Indian-origin man Sagar Sagar Chadha, 30, was speeding at about 120mph before the crash that killed him and 17-year-old Mohammed Amin Ahmadi on New Year's Day this year. Mr Chadha was found trapped in the driver's seat and suffered catastrophic head injuries, organ damage and broken bones, and was found dead by the paramedics. Mohammed Amin Ahmadi also sustained severe head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by ambulance crews.

The fast speed, as well as Chadha's tyres (which had an illegally low tread depth) were reportedly not suitable for the cold conditions and may have caused the fatal accident.

"For reasons that will remain unknown, Mr Chadha decided to drive the vehicle at significant speed and in a manner which led to his loss of control of the vehicle and a catastrophic collision", said Karen Dilk, the Senior Coroner.

Following a New Year's Eve night out, Chadha's four friends, including Ahmadi, were into his two-door car, which only had enough seats for three passengers. The other passengers were injured.

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