James Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan Stars in Ad for Indian Pan Masala

James Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan Stars in Ad for Indian Pan Masala pardesi news 1476026687

The Ex-James Bond, Pierce Brosnan has recently made instant headlines and memes in social media after his surprising choice of new endorsement of an Indian Pan Masala hits the scene.

The Ex-James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, 63, is the new face of Pan Bahar, an Indian brand of ‘Pan Masala’. In the one-minute video, the former James Bond star appears as a pitchman for Masala brand, using the can of Pan Masala as a weapon to fend off enemies. In the end he says, "Class never goes out of style".

The social media has gone berserk after Pierce Brosnan has endorsed Pan Bahar. The social media reaction to Mr. Brosnan’s new endorsement meant that his name was trending. One of the hilarious Ad says – “*Chewing Pan Bahar* My name is Bond, *spits* James Bond”.

According to Vikash Shukla, head of marketing of Pan Bahar, “it didn’t matter whether Mr. Brosnan was a Pan consumer or not. It is kind of the expression on his face, his maturity that led the company to choose him”. Asked about the remuneration Mr. Brosnan was paid for the endorsement, Mr. Shukla termed the information as ‘confidential’.

Though, it’s not for the first time that celebrities have endorsed the pan Masala brands. In recent past, there was a buzz in social media, when the bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra endorsed Rajnigandha Silver Pearls. The other competitor brand - Pan Vilas has Shahrukh Khan as its pitchman for Pan Vilas Silver Dewz. Leading actors such as Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar advertise for Vimal Pan Masala and Baba Elaichi, respectively, while Sunny Leone endorses Shilajit Pan Masala.  Earlier Pan Bahar had Saif Ali Khan, as the brand ambassador. Even during yesteryears, the Masala brand, Pan Parag has a highly popular Ad featuring Ashok Kumar and Shammi Kapoor where they say “Hum bas itna chahte hain ki aap baratiyon ka swagat Pan Parag se Kijiye”!

Coming to the commercials, the total annual market of these pan Masalas’ brands is estimated around Rs. 25,000 crores. Rajnigandha brand is the current market leader, with approximately 80% market share. The pan Masala market is also steadily growing at around 10% per annum. However, this is for the first time a domestic Masala brand has pitched in a Hollywood celebrity. Now whether the core audience, the real consumers, will be able to relate with him, is the million dollar question. But one thing for sure, Pan Bahar has received free PR and publicity and has been among the Google Trends. 

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