MS Dhoni The Untold Story: Recreating Life Once Again

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Starring actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead, the movie is a biopic on ace Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni, the Untold Story is a biopic on the life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Sushant Singh Rajput as India’s ‘captain cool’. This Friday, it was a big release for Bollywood. The movie from the day of its release is getting positive reception from the audience as well as from the film critics.

2nd April, 2011, at the Wangkhede Stadium in Mumbai, a day which is inscribed in the mind of 1.2 billion Indians and will continue to be so until another World Cup comes, a day which saw history to be created, records to be broken, is the day which saw the killer strike of the Indian Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni hitting six when 4 was enough to bring the glory. The Dhoni biopic which features the cricketer’s struggle from being no one to a big star in the sporting world also sheds light on his love life. Sushant has romanced two heroines in the movie – Disha Patani, who played the role of Dhoni’s first girlfriend and Kiana Advani, who portrays his wife Sakshi.

Sushant Singh was capable enough to make that moment reliving. He has successfully recreated those moments of suspense on the silver screen. It seems as if he has studied over each and every expression of Dhoni. Not only this particular scene, Neeraj’s Mahi put a good effort to unfold the untold story of a Ranchi boy starting a career as a Ticket Collector to the great achievement as the captain cool. The story ends with the Indian team lifting the World Cup trophy at the Wankhede.

Though the movie is criticized for its 3-hour duration, but it can be said that the money and time are worth spending. The movie is also praised for its portraiture of its protagonist as not only a glorified hero but also a common human with every common flaw in human nature. Interestingly, just like MSD, his biopic is also hitting high since day one as it opened with the stupendous collections of Rs. 21.30 crore. With such a huge collection, the Dhoni biopic managed to surpass the earnings of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’, to become the second biggest opener of 2016. So, well done Mahi, oops Sushant!

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