Indian Pictures Association bans Pakistani artistes in India

Indian Pictures Association bans Pakistani artistes in India pardesi news 1475553170

The Indian Motion Picture Producers Association has announced an immediate ban on Pakistan actors and technicians from working in India.

Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) has banned the Pakistani artistes and technicians in India. This was announced recently during IMPPA’s 87th AGM. Primarily, this is done as a reaction to the Uri attack on 18th September causing death of 19 Indian Jawans.

Importantly, the IMPPA is not aiming at the films which have already shoot with Pakistani artistes and are awaiting release, but those which are being planned with them for future. The ban will reportedly stay “until normalcy returns”. The move follows Indian Army's 'surgical strikes' on militant targets in Pakistan.

There have been calls from certain right wing political outfits like the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) recently, to prohibit Pakistani artistes from working in India as tensions rise between the two countries in the wake of recent militant attacks.

India has always been a promising land of career for the Pak artistes, Indian artistes do have a huge fan following in Pakistan. A large number of Indian films were released across the border. This time, the cultural transmission between the two nations has been affected.

Ever since the IMPPA has banned thel Pakistani artists and technicians from working in India, a debate has ensued on whether it is right to target actors and singers in the wake of a terror attack. While Bollywood celebs including filmmakers Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and actor Salman Khan have maintained that art and politics should not be mixed, actors like Nana Patekar, etc. have strongly supported the move. My nation comes first. I don’t know anyone except my country and don’t want to know anything else. Artistes are small insects in front of the nation, we are worth nothing compared to the country. “I don’t want to know what Bollywood says. I was in the army for two years. Our jawans are the real heroes. We are ordinary, useless people. Do not pay attention to what we say. Do you understand whom am I talking about? Humlog jo patar patar karte hain, unpe dhyan mat do. Unki aukat nahi utni”, said the actor.

Currently, few films have finished shooting with Pak artistes, such as ‘AeDilHaiMushkil’, many are still under progress, like ‘Raees’. Even the Pakistani theatres have also stopped screening Indian films and have also announced a ban on all Indian TV content in Pakistan.

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