Unemployment in India 5-Year High, reveals Survey

Unemployment in India 5 Year High reveals Survey pardesi news 1475553922

A recent survey reveals that in India is running at a five-year high of 5% of the 15-plus-years work force.

A new Employment-Unemployment (EU) survey which was conducted by the Indian Labour Bureau reveals that the unemployment crisis which has never left India from time immemorial has increased by 5% in the last 5 years. It also reveals that only a third of working people are employed for even less than a year and only 68% of the whole crowds of India have the income of only 10,000 per month which is too little to cope with the current price hike.

According to the report over 7.8 lakh persons had gone beyond the borders to earn livelihood between April and December of the year 2015 as they are not getting job opportunity here. Though the Urban areas provide much better job opportunity with better wages, the situation in the rural areas is deplorable. In the urban areas, 82% of the job seekers get employment on year-round basis but only 53% of the rural people can only secure such jobs for them. The rest have no regular source of income. The survey has also revealed that written job contracts are not widespread in India. About 65% of the regular wage/ salaried workers, 68% of the contract workers and 95% of the casual workers do not have a written job contract.  

In the rural areas, over 42% of the workers are not employed all through the year. They only have to depend on the seasonal agriculture. Unsurprisingly enough, their monthly income is less than 10,000 while in urban areas 50% of the households have a monthly income from 10,000 to 50,000.  One of the other surveys has recently stated that the salaries in India have reportedly increased just 0.2% since the great recession in 2008. The report also disclosed that the poor wage increase at the bottom is primarily due to oversupply of people.  

The effect of this can also be found on the women- employment. It seems that the various steps taken by the Modi government, such as Make-in-India, Start-Up India is not gaining the desired momentum.

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