Hoteliers of Indian-origin face jail for underpaying workers

Hoteliers of Indian origin face jail for underpaying workers pardesi news 1459247708

Two Indian-origin managers of New Zealand's popular restaurant are facing up to seven years in jail.

New Zealand’s popular Indian restaurant chain Masala’s managers are facing up to seven years of jail or a $100,000 fine after they were held guilty for underpaying their workers.

Joti Jain and Rajwinder Singh Grewal were held guilty for a total of 20 immigration and exploitation charges at the Auckland district court. Court documents unveiled that Jain underpaid four employees between 2009 and 2014 as she promised them to help obtain visa.

Jain offered illegal immigrant Gagandeep Singh the position of assistant manager with the assurance of paying him $15 an hour for his 30-40 hours of work. He worked for up to 11 hours a day and sometimes seven days a week and was given $250 after a week of unpaid training.

Grewal, who managed the Bucklands Beach Masala, appointed Bimal Roy Prasad as a chef. Prasad ended up receiving only $40 as his pay after working for more than nine weeks for the company.

Grewal and Jain shall be sentenced next month for under-paying their workers.

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