IGI becomes Asia-Pacific’s only carbon neutral status airport

IGI becomes Asia Pacific s only carbon neutral status airport pardesi news 1475152158

The Indira Gandhi International Airport here has become Asia-Pacific’s only and one of the world’s few airports to achieve a “carbon neutral” status.

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport has become Asia-Pacific’s only and one of the world’s few airports to achieve a carbon neutral status.

The announcement was made by the Airports Council International (ACI) during the Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate presentation ceremony in Montreal, Canada. “With this achievement, we have set a new benchmark for other airports in this region. We are now focussing on energy conservation and exploring alternative solution for generating green energy”, said DIAL CEO I. Prabhakara Rao.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation certificated has upgraded the IGI airport’s status to “Level 3+, Neutrality,” the highest level for airports across the world. Carbon neutrality occurs when the net carbon emissions over an entire year is zero. This means the airport absorbs or offsets the same amount of emission that is generated, officials added.

Less than 25 airports in the world and most of them are located in Europe, have earned this carbon neutral status.

The IGI airport is managed by private operator Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), a joint venture between the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and GMR Group-led consortium.  

Various sustainable development measures undertaken by IGI Airport are Eco-friendly vehicles, which have helped reduce and offset carbon emissions. The IGI airport is presently equipped with the energy efficiency fixture and improvements such as the 84 MW solar power plants Terminal 3, which is a LEED gold certified green building. Water Conservation which allows recycled water and rainwater harvesting. Fixed electric ground power units and preconditioned air supply systems. Energy efficient lighting systems and bridge mounted equipment.

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