Know the 3 NRIs in election fray in Whittlesea, Australia

Know the 3 NRIs in election fray in Whittlesea Australia pardesi news 1474520127

Three Punjabi Australians have entered the election fray in Whittlesea, an extension of Melbourne.

Undeterred by the fact that the Whittlesea city council has never elected an Indian, 3 NRIs Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon, Gurinder Kaur and Judgebir Singh are campaigning hard in Whittlesea, where Indians form the fifth largest chunk with  40,000 voters in a population of 154,900 after the English, Macedonians, Italians and Greeks.  The preference voting system will be conducted by October 21st, 2016.  

Dhillon, who hails from Amritsar, is a taxi driver who returned $110,000 left behind in his cab. He was honoured by the Melbourne City Council for this extraordinally acts of honesty.  

Kaur, who works with the Australian government, is also from Amritsar. A baptized Sikh, she volunteers s herself with the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence and Flying Sikhs of Australia.

Judgebir Singh, who hails from the Abohar region in Punjab, is a businessman also interested in volunteer service. He is associated with bodies such as the Oorja Foundation, Aurora Community Association and the Darebin Chargers Cricket Club.  

All three believe in door-to-door campaigning, besides using social media to woo voters.

Along with the ‘desi’ flavor, the Whittlesea election is dominated with the local issues such as traffic congestion, growing crime, deficient public transportation systems, inadequate and low-graded schools, insufficient public parks and sports infrastructure.

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