Indian-Origin Peer Introduces and Gifts Rig Veda to the UK Parliament

Indian Origin Peer Introduces and Gifts Rig Veda to the UK Parliament pardesi news 1474427440

The newest Indian-origin peer of Britain swore his oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II on the Rig Veda marking his entry to the House of Lords.

JiteshGadhia, 49, a Gujarati-origin investment banker ensured that the Rig Veda enters its Parliament. The British Indian banker was one of the closest aides to the British Prime Minister David Cameron during his tenure and was nominated for his Peerage as part of the resignation honours list of the former Prime Minister.

Gadhia took his oath on the very same day Cameron declared his resignation from the British parliament. For the event, Gadhia’s 90-year-old grandmother Gulabben, mother Hansaben and wife Anjeli were all present.

Gadhia mentioned that since multiple generation of his family were present at the event, it was important for him to get the original Rig Veda for the oath taking ceremony. However, he could locate the one written in Devnagari script by the famous German academician who specialized in Vedic Studies in the west, Max Mueller.  The Rig veda is an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. It is one of the four canonical sacred texts (?ruti) of Hinduism known as the Vedas.

Jitesh Gadhia also noted that former PM Cameron did a commendable job pulling Britain out of an economic turmoil. The time is that of much uncertainty post Brexit and much work needs to be done.

Gadhia is a known contributor for the Conservatives in Britain and played an important role during Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit earlier.

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