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A Flying Jatt narrates the story of an ordinary man who gains superpowers. The movie is comic with good dance numbers and action sequences.

A mumbling and fumbling protagonist, who also happens to be a martial arts teacher but fails to get the attention of the students and also a pretty colleague. He has a tremendous crush on an extremely ‘hot babe’ who makes him go weak at the knees. Add to it the fear of heights. The combination seems to be perfect for a laughter riot. However, even with a plot that could have been so much more A Flying Jattfails to deliver.

Tiger Shroff known for his smooth moves on dance floor as well as action scenes is playing the role of a superhero and martial arts teacher in the movie. Donning a blue outfit and a cape the Jatt, as her mother puts it, goes out to save the world. We soon understand the main enemy is pollution, majorly caused by Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon), a greedy capitalist who don’t care about the environment. The Flying Jatt is pitted against a villain Raka (Nathan Jones), who keeps getting larger using the pollution all around.  Jackie plays the female lead and both of them together have given astounding dance sequences which are expected from choreographer turned director Remo’s movies.

The movie, co-written and directed by Remo D'Souza and produced under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures, will remind any nostalgic 90’s kid of Captain Planet, Shaktimaan and Superman. And, how could our very own hero Krrish is left out of it all? Flying Jatt seems like a conglomerate of all of them. But, what could have been a riot among the perfect entertainment package for kids, sadly turned out to be another Bollywood ‘tadkawhere’, the hero has to wait for the song and dance to be over before he can save the world. Not to mention, almost all of us might have thought it to be a promotion of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. 

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