Delhi CM Kejriwal cannot speak for few days after successful surgery

Delhi CM Kejriwal cannot speak for few days after successful surgery pardesi news 1474211958

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently underwent throat surgery for a persistent cough, which troubled him for about 40 years.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, 48, has been advised by doctors not to speak for a few days after he successfully underwent a five-hour corrective surgery for his chronic cough at Narayan Health City in Bengaluru.

The chronic cough has troubled the AAP leader for over 40 years, the hospital in Bengaluru where he is being treated said. According to his doctor, he suffered from “an enlarged soft palate and uvula in relation to a slight increase in the volume of the tongue”.  The surgery involved correction of a significant septal and the palato-pharyngeal correction along with repositioning the tongue base relationship by reorganisation of the chin area. Post the surgery, the diabetic; Kejriwal is likely to be in the hospital for about a week under medical observation.

Mr Kejriwal’s cough has persisted for 40 years and has been a result of a series of anatomical abnormalities that included an enlarged tongue and a soft palate, along with other problems in the structure and positioning in his mouth and throat area. Depending on his recovery time, doctors will take a call on when he can start speaking again.

Arvind Kejriwal had earlier undergone the naturotherapy treatment twice at city's Jindal Institute for cough and sugar level. 

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