Sooraj pancholi and his bollywood debut

Sooraj pancholi and his bollywood debut pardesi news 1459247707

Sooraj Pancholi speaks about his girlfriend Jiah Khan and his upcoming Bollywood debut movie HERO.

Actor Sooraj Pancholi is all set to make his grand Bollywood debut with the upcoming movie 'Hero'. Pancholi, who was charged with alleged girlfriend Jiah Khan’s suicide, says that he feels better to speak less about the actress as people are misunderstanding it as a publicity stunt.

"Recently, I had tried to talk about the incident but people started to think that I want publicity from this topic. So, I decided that the lesser I talk about it, the better it is," Sooraj said when asked about difficulties in overcoming the hardships related to the case during a media conference.

Jiah had reportedly committed suicide in 2013. She was in a relationship with Sooraj and according to reports, her suicide letter and her last few phone messages had strong links to involvement of Sooraj behind her decision.

Sooraj was arrested for the same issue, but was later released.

During a promotional event last week, Sooraj had said, "My name will always be associated with her and I have no guilt for that. I am happy that something at least stays with me. I am sad that she ended her life. But at least her name is with me and I have no problems with it."
“I miss her, I miss her everyday of my life. I am missing her while I am sitting with you right now," said a distressed lover and an upcoming actor in the tinsel town. 

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