Indian-origin UK parliamentarian Keith Vaz steps down over sex scandal

Indian origin UK parliamentarian Keith Vaz steps down over sex scandal pardesi news 1473907463

Britain’s longest serving Indian-origin lawmaker; Keith Vaz has been embroiled in a sex scandal after few UK media publications claimed that he had paid for male sex workers.

UK NRI parliamentarian Keith Vaz, 59, steps down over sex scandal. He is Britain's longest serving Indian origin l lawmaker. He is a married person with two children. He was accused for paying for male prostitutes and involving in sex scandal. The Labour MP from Leicester since 1987 and a married father of two, paid for men to visit one evening at a flat he owns in London.

The criminal investigation was done by the police and the House of Commons standards watchdog. He is to be mentioned to the UK's Parliamentary Commissioner in Hudson.  He has since announced he will be stepping down as chair of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, which he has headed for 10 years.  

In a statement he apologised for the hurt and distress he caused, in particular to his wife and children. Vaz was alleged to change his name as Jim, and supposed as washing-machine salesman. He is alleged to have met two male prostitutes at least twice, from Eastern Europe at his London flat. He is also accused for getting the banned drugs and cocaine named ‘poppers’. He was claimed to pay 300 pounds to the male escorts. However, the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn stated that the party had no plan for further action against Vaz as it is treated as a private matter.

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