NRI’s wife stages protest against husband and in-laws, demanding legal action

NRI s wife stages protest against husband and in laws demanding legal action pardesi news 1473648368

An NRI wife stages a sit-in in Madurai demanding action her husband and in-laws.

A 27-year-old woman, along with her six-year-old son, sat on protest in front her husband's house at Muthamizh Nagar in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Jenifa Rani had married Sivasankaran in 2005. The husband left to the United States two years after the marriage. Since then, she along with her son was living with her in-laws at Muthamizh Nagar and Sivasankaran used to visit the family once a year.

She alleged that Sivasankaran parents CVK Balakrishnan and Jayarani are torturing her to sign the divorce papers. After she expressed her protest, he demanded a divorce from her.

Jenifa Rani recently learnt that Sivasankaran has married a woman in the US and he has a family there after she started pressing him to take her and son to the US. Though she approached the city police, they refused to register a case, she charged.

She has demanded legal actions against her husband and in-laws. 

The problem of Indian women, getting deserted by their NRI husbands either in foreign lands or back in India is very common. It is especially related to such Indian women who get trapped in deceptive matrimony with overseas Indians. Sometimes the foreign dreams come at a cost of innocent lives and the future of the spouses who travel to a foreign land along with such NRIs. In some cases, as the above one, they do not even have to travel abroad to get harassed as their dreams get shattered while they are still in India.

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