NRI woman driver plans 32,000 km road trip from UK to India

NRI woman driver plans 32 000 km road trip from UK to India pardesi news 1473391441

She will drive through 2 continents, 32 countries, and a mammoth distance of over 32,000 kilometers, from the UK to India. The drive will also include Arctic Circle, if she is successful, she becomes the first woman to do so.

The drive is an enormous undertaking and contagious thirst for discovery of the grandness of all that is possible in the world. It demonstrates the power of an individual, and what we are all proficient in doing.

A British citizen of Indian-origin Ms. Bharulata Kamble is all set to embark on a mammoth distance 32,000 km road trip through 2 continents, 32 countries in approximately 75 days.

Her passion for driving has fuelled her latest project. According to Kamble, “I have always loved driving but to undertake such a long journey is also a big responsibility. Moreover, as we began planning the journey, I came to realize that if I do set the record, I would be representing two nations the UK where I am a citizen, and India, my native country".

Through this journey, she aims to break stereotypes and raise awareness about women's equality while setting a world record as well. The drive will also include a 2,200 km journey around the Arctic Circle. If she is successful, she will become the only woman driver to cover the maximum distance in the Arctic region alone.

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