India ranks 1st in the World in ICT exports, says the 2016 Global Innovation Index

India ranks 1st in the World in ICT exports says the 2016 Global Innovation Index pardesi news 1473305359

India attains the top position, when it comes to the ICT exports.

India’s fame and name for being top service provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has now been acknowledged by the UN. The Global Innovation Index 2016, the UN has declared India as world’s #1 country in the export of ICT Services (Information & Communication Technology).

India's ranking in the Global Innovation Index (2016) has also climbed 15 spots to 66 among 128 countries. Notably, India ranks first in the world when it comes to Information Communications and Technology (ICT) exports.

This index, which was released in Geneva by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Cornell University and INSEAD, ranks around 100 global economies according to their innovation capabilities and results. The report, states, "India's positive move is the result of its performance in university rankings, where it comes in second among middle-income economies and 20 overall; and in patents, where it now ranks third among middle-income economies and 37 overall".

India ranks among the top 50 countries on two pillars: market sophistication (33) and knowledge and technology outputs (43). Within the parameter of 'human capital and research', India's data coverage has increased, specifically in graduates in science and engineering (with an overall rank of 8). This factor was missing in the 2015 ratings. It also helped propel India's overall ranking.

India, which is part of the Central and Southern Asia region (which doesn't include China), ranked first on a regional level, followed by Kazakhstan and Iran. Pakistan with an overall ranking of 119 is at the bottom of this regional pile. 

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