Australian police arrests wife, lover for murder of Indian-origin man

Australian police arrests wife lover for murder of Indian origin man pardesi news 1473095304

The Australian police have arrested the wife and her lover for the murder of an Indian-origin man, Sam Abraham. He died at his Epping home in October 2015, due to cyanide poisoning.

Almost a year, post the death of an Indian-origin man, Sam Abraham, the Australian police have arrested the accused - his wife and her paramour for allegedly poisoning him with cyanide. Several investigations, phone recordings and detectives have suggested that his wife Sofia Sam, 32-year-old and her lover Arun Kamalasanan, 34, has alleged a poison plot to kill him.

The investigators were granted extra time by the magistrate to transcribe phone conversations and prepare evidences. The accused Sofia Sam and her lover were kept under remand.   

The police suspects the attempt to kill the victim was also planned by her wife, few months prior his death. He was before attacked and also stabbed in his car at Lalor train station, in July last year. He received several injuries at the neck and cheek. Police suspected Kamalasanan, Sofia Sam’s lover behind that attack. Cable ties, material scraps and handcuffs found in his car prove as an attempt of murder.

Sam Abraham, his wife and her lover all hailed from Kerala. Arun Kamalasanan was charged with attempted murder and Sofia Sam has been charged with murder. They were arrested by Australian police and the hearing will be at Melbourne Magistrates Court.

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