India ranked among top 100 countries in the 2016 WRI

India ranked among top 100 countries in the 2016 WRI pardesi news 1472657856

India has been ranked 77th among the 177 countries in the 2016 World Risk Index.

India has been ranked among top 100 companies, 77th rank, with 1 being the worst country among 177 the World Risk Index (WRI). The World Risk Report 2016 is published by the UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and Bundnis Entwicklung Hilft, in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart in Germany, which analyses the role that infrastructure, plays in shaping any country disaster risk programme.

In 2016 WRI, the Island state of Vanuatu has been ranked number, India’s neighbour Bangladesh is among the top five countries at risk of disaster. India is marginally better positioned than Pakistan which is placed 72. The other Indian neighbours Sri Lankais positioned at 63rd, China at 85th and Nepal at 108th position.

WRI is a non-governmental global research organization which seeks to create equity and prosperity through sustainable natural resource management. WRI's activities are focused on six areas: climate, clean, energy, food, forests, water and sustainable cities. The WRI index has assessed the disaster risk of countries through combined analysis of natural hazards such as floods, cyclones, or earthquakes and societal vulnerabilities. Lack of critical infrastructure and weak logistic chains will substantially increase the risk that an extreme natural event will become a disaster.

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