Indian PMO delists 212 NRI Sikhs barred from entering India

Indian PMO delists 212 NRI Sikhs barred from entering India pardesi news 1472530705

Indian PMO scraps 32-year blacklist of over 200 Sikh NRIs ahead of Punjab polls

India’s Prime Minister Office (PMO) has delisted the 32 year old list that has barred several NRI Sikhs, from entering India. Earlier, about 212 cases of a total of 324 were examined by a committee, headed by an additional secretary of the home ministry.

The delisting was done as in the past year where several Sikh NRI groups had pursued prime minister's attention into reconsidering the travel ban. The delisting is made for their commitment to the Indian Constitution.

The people who were delisted were certain Sikh families who had protested the army action at the Golden Temple or were allegedly involved in ‘anti-national’ activities that happened after Operation Bluestar in 1984 and Kanishka bombings in 1985.

These families had then sought refuge or shelter abroad mostly in the United States, UK and Canada. The existence of the blacklist became acknowledged in the early 1990s when the Punjab leaders started receiving complaints from the Sikhs abroad. The remaining cases are also being examined and may be removed from the blacklist as well.

The delisting of NRI Sikhs is a welcome move and thousands of Sikhs, are likely to cheer the directive, especially in an election-bound Punjab.

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