Andhra Pradesh becomes the first Indian state to launch DNA Index System for profiling of criminals

Andhra Pradesh becomes the first Indian state to launch DNA Index System for profiling of criminals pardesi news 1472529085

First DNA index system to tackle crime introduced by Andhra Pradesh state and becomes the first state in India to launch such tracking system.

The Andhra Pradesh (AP) government is ready to use the latest DNA (Deoxyribonucleac acid) technology tool, the first-of-its-kind initiative that allows generation of DNA profiles of the criminals from live samples such as saliva and blood stains, etc. within 90 to 120 minutes, compared to currently available technologies which take at least two days or more.

Importantly, with the launch AP becomes the first state in India to launch DNA Index System (DIS) for DNA profiling of criminals. DNA profiling technology or the DNA fingerprinting is method of isolating and identifying variable elements within the base-pair sequence of DNA.

The AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who launched the first machine said his aspires to create Andhra Pradesh, as a crime free state in India through the usage of latest technology in the state forensic labs. “Our aim is to make AP a crime-free state and the DIS is a proactive policing measure using the latest technology in forensic labs,” Chief Minister said on the launch. The AP CM has also ordered for the introduction of this system immediately.

The AP Director General of Police N Samasiva Rao said that as part of the proactive policing, the Andhra Pradesh government launched the DNA Index System for the first time in India. “DNA profiling plays a crucial role in solving crimes and also has the potential to link a series of crimes by placing the suspects by linking them with the crime scene. It could also help the suspects prove their innocence”, he said.

With DNA in the database, offers several advantages such as the repeat offenders will be easily and quickly caught which will further help to bring down crime rate. The system can also help resolving missing persons’ cases with on the spot DNA testing and also reducing backlogs of trying of criminal cases.

The system uses the latest DNA technology tool (also known as RapidHIT DNA System) developed by the US-based IntegenX, Inc.  

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