Release of Indian 'Child Abductor' Causes Demand For His Deportation in Italy

Release of Indian Child Abductor Causes Demand For His Deportation in Italy pardesi news 1472395380

Release of an Indian 'Child Kidnapper' has sparked backlash in Italy, including the calls for his deportation.

Ram Lubhay, 43, an Indian migrant, has been released after facing charges of attempt to kidnap a small girl from a Sicilian beach resort in Italy. The event has resulted in calls for his deportation from conservative Italian politicians.

Giovanni Moscato, Vittoria's centre-right mayor, has called for his immediate expulsion from Italy for trying to abduct a five-year-old girl, while she was playing in the sea at Vittoria. The mayor stated that the serious incident has resulted in an alarm in the town and other areas. Giovanni opined that he has faith in the capabilities of magistrates investigating the case. Giovanni made an appeal to Italian authorities to send Ram out of the country as he is an illegal immigrant.

Ram was arrested and was then recently released by a judge in Ragusa as Italy's penal code is against arresting a person for trying to kidnap although he may be under investigation.

Meanwhile, the girl's parents and witnesses have recorded their statements against Ram, accusing him of picking the girl and walking away, and then releasing the girl and running away after being chased by them. They have also objected to the court ruling, “this law makes me vomit", said the child's mother. "We were told the suspect did not conclude the crime - we were supposed to lose sight of him in order to say he kidnapped our little girl". The suspect, she said, only stopped "because we tackled him. He was holding her very tight, with her face almost in his armpit. We were hoping this person would be deported from Italy at least". However, as per the Italian laws, prosecutors' decisions can't be challenged.

Andrea Orlando, Italy's Justice Minister has asked for an enquiry into the release of Ram, a homeless henna tattoo artist, who was putting up in the country without legal residency, also having a previous criminal record. However, the accused stated that he is not involved in any act of trying to kidnap the child. 

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