Indian-Origin Stepmother Faces 25 Years in Prison for 9-Year-Old Girl's Murder

Indian Origin Stepmother Faces 25 Years in Prison for 9 Year Old Girl s Murder pardesi news 1472100335

A 9-year-old Indian girl was found dead in the bathroom of her Queens, New York home, in the US. Her stepmother has been arrested and faces 25 years in prison for her alleged murder.

In a shocking incident a 9-year-old Indian girl living with her father and stepmother was strangled by the stepmom and left to be dead in the bathroom. The incident happened in Queens, New York, in the US.

The incident was reported by another couple sharing the apartment. Ashdeep’s bruised, naked body was discovered in the empty bathtub by a neighbour who knocked on the door and no one answered and there were no sounds from the house.

The victim girl reportedly arrived in the US from India three months ago and was allegedly abused by the stepmother earlier as well.  

Ashdeep Kaur was left in the care of her stepmother, while her father worked in a restaurant. Housemate informed that she reportedly took Ashdeep to take a bath with her, where she killed her and then later left the building in haste with her ex-husband Raymond Narayan, 65, and two grandchildren aged 5 and 3 years old.

She was later arrested from Raymond’s house in another part of town where she agreed to come out after one hour of police persuasion. The ex-husband Raymond was also charged with obstructing governmental administration and faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

The case hearing will start on Sept 2, she will be facing up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted, was ordered held without bail.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown has said, "This is a horrifying case of a child, a defenceless nine-year-old, who was left in the care of her stepmother who allegedly strangled her to death. Her actions, if true, are beyond comprehension and must be severely punished”.

Ashdeep's mother, who lives in India, was devastated by the news. She and the girl's father are presently divorced.

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