Clear vision in life: Indian-origin Girl Clears UK Exams after Becoming Partially Blind

Clear vision in life Indian origin Girl Clears UK Exams after Becoming Partially Blind pardesi news 1471881092

An Indian-origin girl passes UK exams despite going partially-blind and was also unable to attend classes.

Simran Kaur, an 18-year-old Indian-origin girl in the UK, has reportedly cleared all her exams although she could not attend all her classes after she became partially-blind due to Glaucoma in her left eye.

Ms.  Simran studies at Villiers High School in Southall, west London. She took a firm decision to complete her A-levels, the secondary school leaving qualification in the UK, after being advised to take a year off.

Ms. Simran stated that Glaucoma hit her after she commenced her studies at A-levels and called it a bad timing. Ms Kaur said, "It started pretty much as soon as I started my A-levels so you could say it was really bad timing. The teachers tried to convince me to take a break and do it next year…They were looking out for me but I was so determined I even went to the head-teacher to convince him I could do it”. She added that she convinced the head-teacher of passing her A-levels exams after being advised by her teachers to complete her schooling next year. Simran underwent corrective surgery on her eye only in July, 2016 after her exams were over.

She also revealed that her friends thought her to be unwise to take her exams even though she was unable to see. She also opined that it may be unwise but finally she was able to pass the exams although she had fallen behind in her studies and it was difficult to study when she cannot see much. She stated that her eyesight is restored now and she will remember the time as a challenge in her life.

Ms. Simran is still considering her options for university even after receiving an offer for admission to Hertfordshire University.

Patrick Cootes, Simran's teacher, stated that he is happy for Simran as she has set a real example for all students and teachers. He added that she has proved beyond doubt that there are no hurdles to success at Villiers High School if one is willing to do the hard work and follow one's dreams. 

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