Indian-Origin Student Designs Device to Link Disaster-hit Areas

Indian Origin Student Designs Device to Link Disaster hit Areas pardesi news 1471420089

Disruptions in phone connectivity in disaster-hit areas could soon be a thing of the past, courtesy to a device developed by an Indian-origin student at Britain's Staffordshire University.

Luqmaan Patel, a 21-year old Indian-origin student at Britain's Staffordshire University, has designed a device called ‘Exigency’ to eliminate disruptions in mobile connectivity, especially in the disaster-hit areas. The device employs Ad-Hoc Network that receives satellite data and transmits it as cellular data so that people within a radius of 2.5 km, performing the basic phone communications.

Though the design, considered as only a temporary solution, will formulate people thinking about a more efficient solution for overcoming communication difficulties experienced during natural disasters, also ensuring a reliable and easily accessible communication for everyone in the affected zones. He said, "I felt that it was a very long time for a victim to inform anyone about their well-being or to call for help”.  He added that the invention would enable organisations to collaborate more effectively and share appropriate data while reducing the recovery time.

He discovered through research that the time taken for overall recovery of the country hit by natural disaster can be decreased by 1,000 days if the initial impact stage of about three days can be reduced by one day. Lugmaan also informed that his motive was to solve the issue of complete communication collapse for at least three days during the time of a disaster. 

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