4 NRIs on Forbes’ US top wealth advisors list

4 NRIs on Forbes US top wealth advisors list pardesi news 1471330291

Four Indian-origin persons have been recently named among America's top wealth advisors by the Forbes on a list of 200 members who collectively manage $675 billion.

Raj Sharma and Ash Chopra, both working in Merrill Lynch - Private Banking & Investment Group, have been ranked 17th and 129 respectively on the Forbes 2016 'America's Top Wealth Advisors' list. While, Sonny Kothari of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has been ranked 176, Raju Pathak of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is placed at 184.  

As per Forbes, the 200 members serve clients ranging from Silicon Valley billionaires to Wall Street titans, along with small business owners and family fortunes. "Most great fortunes have their roots in hard work, brilliant business decisions or savvy investing somewhere along the way (more often than not all three), But once the money is made, growing, preserving and passing it on to the next generation becomes paramount," Forbes said.

Though list members might seem to have a lot in common, there are plenty of differences too. Some advisors cater to smaller investors, also. However, the top spots have been grabbed by advisors affiliated with big wirehouses, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS Regarding services.

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