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Dishoom is an action comedy which also deals with cricket in its plot.

Dishoom is a story of a top Indian batsman Viraj (Saqib), who is kidnapped just before an India-Pakistan cricket face-off in the Middle East. Just before an India-Pakistan cricket face-off in the Middle East, top Indian batsman Viraj (Saqib) is kidnapped. India’s external affairs minister, sporting a big bindi, receives a video with a Pakistani kidnapper threatening to kill Viraj.

India's external affairs minister sends in India's secret weapon, top-cop Kabir Shergill (played by John Abraham), assisted by Junaid (played by Varun Dhawan). Dishoom is made electric by Junaid and Kabir’s chemistry. As for the performances, the film rides essentially on the shoulders of the two men, viz., John Abraham and Varun Dhawan. Varun plays a funny guy with breezy perfection but John is surprisingly good, delivering sour one-liners. John Abraham handles his character of being a no-nonsense tough guy with perfection. Akshay Kumar, despite being cast in a cameo, is hilarious in his part of a gay bad boy

Dishoom does not fulfil the promise of a thriller but its mad, whacky moments entertain the audience. Overall, the movie has a predictable storyline. However, the engaging narrative, coupled with rich visuals and high octane action work in the favour of the film. As an entertainer, Dishoom delivers as an entertainer with more laughter, less logic.  

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