5-Year-Old Abducted Indian Girl Rescued in Bahrain, confirms Sushma Swaraj

5 Year Old Abducted Indian Girl Rescued in Bahrain confirms Sushma Swaraj pardesi news 1470836664

Five-year-old girl Sarah, who was kidnapped in Bahrain, has been rescued and re-united with her family, confirms Indian MEA Mrs. Sushma Swaraj.

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on 4th August 2016 confirmed the rescue of a five-year-old Indian girl, named Sarah, who was abducted in Bahrain 2nd August 2016.

The kidnappers reportedly got into the car when Sarah’s mother left her in their car to buy water. They then drove the car away along with the girl, who was sitting in the backseat. Reportedly, they even deactivated the GPS in the car after committing the crime. The local police then deployed 25 patrol vehicles to track the girl and she was found in Hoora. The kidnappers, a local man and an Asian woman, have been arrested on 3rd August 2016, confirmed Ms. Swaraj.

Mrs. Sushma Swarja took to her twitter handle to share this news and wrote, “I am happy Sarah has been rescued. Thank you Bahrain”. Following the dramatic rescue of the abducted Indian girl in Hoora, the Indian Embassy in Bahrain also hailed security authorities for their competence and efficiency. The embassy said in a statement, “The Embassy of India, Bahrain expresses its sincere thanks and gratitude for the support and swift action taken by the Bahraini authorities to rescue the abducted child, Sarah Grace, in one of the busiest roads in Hoora, within 24 hours”. 

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