Indian-origin Scientist and Team Creates World's lightest e-paraglider

Indian origin Scientist and Team Creates World s lightest e paraglider pardesi news 1470741960

A team of scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have successfully designed and built the world's lightest electric paraglider trike, that can take off and land with wheels while carrying the pilot.

A team of scientists comprising one of Indian-origin have been able to design and construct the lightest electric paraglider in the world. The electric paraglider is named as Delta and is capable of carrying an adult pilot while taking off and landing on wheels, offering a safe and clean way to fulfill the dream of flying. It was reportedly constructed for the National Geographic Channel.

Dr. Rangarajan Jegadeesan, who is handling Design-Centric Programme at the National University of Singapore, informed that they had to identify the lightest airfoil, a wing, blade or sail important for flight, which they finally got from a traditional cloth paraglider.  "We had to find the lightest motors to provide enough thrust for The Delta to be airborne ; and we had to build it so that it is light enough to fly yet sturdy enough to be safe," said Jegadeesan.

Delta, weighs less than 50 Kg, contains two rear-mounted propellers that are arranged horizontally and each one is powered by motors using lithium polymer batteries. It has a capability to carry a person with weight upto 75 Kg. It can comfortably fly at a speed of 36 Km per hour under normal wind conditions with a flight time of 10 minutes when the batteries are fully charged. 

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