Indian-origin Labour Senator Lisa Singh Retains Seat to the Australian Senate

Indian origin Labour Senator Lisa Singh Retains Seat to the Australian Senate pardesi news 1470217165

Indian-origin Labour Senator Ms. Lisa Singh was recently re-elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly as one of the ten Members of the division of Denison, Tasmania, Australia.

Indian-origin Labour Senator Ms. Lisa Singh has garnered majority of 6.1% of the votes in Tasmania to be re-elected to the Australian Parliament on 27 July 2016, making her re-entry into the Australian Senate.

Prior to her work in the Australian parliament, Ms. Lisa held responsibility as a Minister for Corrections and Consumer Protection, Minister for Workplace Relations and Minister Assisting the Premier on Climate Change in the Tasmanian Parliament from November 2008. Although she was instrumental in the introduction of several legal reforms during her tenure, she had to face defeat in the March 2010 state elections.

In 2010, Ms. Lisa became elected member of the Australian Senate and focused on building improved political alliance between India and Australia. She is also the recipient of the NRI achievement award - the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (PBS) for developing improved Indo-Australian ties in 2014.

Ms. Lisa twitted after the win “Thank you Tasmanians this is your win”. With Ms Singh’s win, Labor has bagged five Senate seats while the party was expected to win only four. Though, several Indian-origin candidates were in the fray this election, but Ms Singh is the only federal parliamentarian with the Indian heritage to be elected. She is hoping to see more members from the subcontinent in the parliament in the times to come.

Ms. Lisa, a mother of two sons, is enthusiastic about social and economic equality, law enforcement and climate change action. She hopes to continue fighting for these issues while inspiring and mentoring people from different backgrounds.

Ms. Lisa was born in Tasmania and her father was a Fijian-Indian, who came to Australia as an international student in Australia in 1963. She is also the great-granddaughter of Ram Jati Singh, a laborer from Fiji who came from Kolkatta (earlier Calcutta) in India. Ram Jati Singh was an MP in Fiji. Incidentally, Ms. Lisa is also Australia's first federal parliamentarian of Indo-Fijian ancestry.

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