Indian-origin architect unveiled design of Australia's biggest bamboo structure

Indian origin architect unveiled design of Australia s biggest bamboo structure pardesi news 1470217804

A renowned Indian-origin architect has unveiled design of the largest bamboo structure, ever built in Australia. It will be used for festival processions.

Bijoy Jain, a famous Indian-origin architect, has introduced design of MPavilion 2016, a 12-meter high tower in Melbourne city's Queen Victoria Gardens, which is Australia's largest bamboo structure, till date to be used for festival processions. The tower is based on the theme of a connection between earth, sky and the shared gravity. Mr. Jain brings his passion for “handmade architecture” to the project, which will be constructed using traditional building techniques and materials sourced from India and Australia.

According to Naomi Milgrom Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, which aims at supporting various public design and architecture projects, MPavilion 2016 would resemble ‘Tazia’, a ceremonial tower structure used in festival processions in Bharuch, Gujarat.

“I wanted to create a space that connects the entire culture of the land. The tower or ‘tazia’ is an imaginary building that reaches deep into the stars, so it is otherworldly, and through it you can see the stars, the sky, other dimensions”, said Jain. He added that the pavilion is based on a gesture corresponding to his interest in the link between earth, sky and the shared gravity that links all humans.

Showcasing the design, Mr. Jain stated that MPavilion 2016 structure would be constructed using basic elements such as bamboo, earth, stone and rope. He also informed that the aim is to enable discoveries through visual layers of thinking, making and seeing rather than guiding observers.

Mr. Jain and his team have invested more than the past over six months in Mumbai in testing and designing MPavilion 2016 after making a series of models and full-scale prototypes. Moreover, Jain’s team were assisted by a team of Australian builders who came to Mumbai to be a part of Jain’s collaborative approach for design and construction.

Hailing the design and effort, Naomi Milgrom AO, MPavilion Founder, stated that Bijoy's practice is unique as it aims to honour age-old crafts and building-techniques that resonatestrongly in this tech-savvy world.

Martin Foley, Minister for Creative Industries, Australia, opined that Mpavilion is one of the most important architectural and design projects in Australia, contributing to celebration and promotion of good design and evoking a public conversation about its value.

The structure will be built in about 8 weeks.

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