PM Modi's visit to US

PM Modi s visit to US pardesi news 1459247701

Modi will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the Bay Area after Pandit Nehru's trip in 1949.

Narendra Modi, India’s first Prime Minister to visit the US West Coast will try attracting investments and expertise for Digital India, innovation projects and clean energy initiatives with meetings scheduled with top IT CEOs of Silicon Valley and would even visit Google labs. This visit is planned for September 26-27, 2015.

Many successful NRIs have settled in this part of California. PM shall try to woo them during his trip after attending UN sustainable summit in New York on September 25. Meeting with President Barack Obama is scheduled for September 28 in New York.

20,000 members of the Indian-origin are expected to attend the community function at the SAP Centre in San Jose in California on September 27 evening.

This is the second event that is being organised in the US after the one at Madison Square Garden. Preparations are in full swing. Around 40,000 people have already registered for the Silicon Valley event from which the lucky ones will be chosen by lottery. The ones who will not be able to make it inside the venue, big LED screens will be put up outside the venue.

This event is free of cost for individuals, funds shall be raised through donations from high networth individuals and corporates.

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