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Tale of a mother-daughters reunion after 28 years

Tale of a mother daughters reunion after 28 years pardesi news 1469697526

It was an emotional reunion after the hiatus of 28 years, the two daughters from Dubai finally traced their Indian mother thanks to the help from the Hyderabad police.

A 60-year-old Hyderabadi woman met her daughters for the first time in 28 years, an emotional reunion became possible due to the community policing by Hyderabad Police under a vigilant Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) V Satyanarayana. This real life drama was no less than a Bollywood potboiler.

Way back in 1981, Mrs. Nazia Begum, a native of Santoshnagar in Hyderabad, had married a UAE national Rasheed Eid Obaid Rifaq Masmari at a Qazi's office in Old city, Hyderabad.

Reportedly, after few years of marriage, she left for UAE where she and Rasheed lived in Fujairah province. During her stay of four years there, Nazia had Ayesha Rasheed eid Obaid alias Kanoo Rasheed and Fatima Rasheed eid Obaid, as two daughters. As Rasheed was already married, Nazia faced immense problems. Nazia was divorced following some dispute. She was sent back to India but she failed to take her daughters along.  After two years, Nazia's parents married her to a fruit vendor from Bidar in Karnataka. She now has two sons and a daughter from the second marriage.

However, after about 28 years later, Ayesha and Fatima came searching for her in Hyderabad during January, 2016. When they approached DCP Satyanarayana for help, but they only had an old photograph of their mother.

The DCP circulated the Pamphlets and posters were printed and all over the south zone. After strenuous efforts that lasted for six months, the police was finally able to trace Nazia.

Nazia, though had thin memories about her daughter because she saw them around 30 years ago. All she could remember was her younger daughter had six fingers. The police cross-checked the identity mark and after the confirmation arranged their meeting.

Tears rolled down the eyes of Ayesha Rasheed Eid Obaid alias Kanoo Rasheed and Fatima Rasheed Eid Obaid as they embraced their mother Nazia Begum in the Hyderabad’s DCP office. On the reunion, an elated Ayesha and Fatima said, "We never thought we would meet our mother in lifetime. The almighty had fixed the meeting and we are glad that we got to see our mother after 28 long years"

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