ASTONISHING – An NRI girl sneezes 8,000 times a day

ASTONISHING An NRI girl sneezes 8 000 times a day pardesi news 1469518110

A desperate NRI mother is pleading for help for her nine-year-old daughter who has started sneezing 8,000 times a day.

The 9-year old, Ira Saxena's sneezing bouts began three weeks ago and she now emits around 10 involuntary episodes per minute. Ira who lives with her mother in Britain, has revealed in a video that she has been unable to go to school as the constant sneezing keeps her from focusing on her classes.

Ira has been examined by several doctors and had taken various remedies to cure the condition but so far nothing has helped. Her mother Priya has taken her daughter to a GP, specialist and a private clinic, but so far no-one has been able to diagnose the problem or stop it.

Doctors are baffled by the mystery condition and have ruled out the most common causes of sneezing such cold or allergies. The only time Ira stops is when she is asleep. The only other time Ira's sneezing fits ceased was when she had an hour of hypnotherapy - she did not sneeze at all during the session - but as soon as it finished, the fits restarted.

The poor girl says it is horrible and her face hurts with a sharp pain in her head and sides every time she sneezes. She is also avoided by her friends and school mates who think the condition is contagious.

The doctors are saying it is possibly an incorrect signal being sent from her brain or a tic, but nobody can be sure. 'She is not allergic to anything and has been given, steroids, antihistamines and a nasal spray, but she is just not responding to anything.

Mrs Saxena said, “The one blessing is she sleeps fine, it is the only time when she is not sneezing and she can sleep right through the night”. Ira's mother has made an appeal to people, asking for help from anyone who has seen such a case, or encountered this at any time of their lives.

In 2009, Lauren Johnson, 12, of Virginia, started to sneeze thousands of times a day and was eventually diagnosed by an immunologist who said her immune system had been sent haywire by a throat infection.

Repeated fits of sneezing during a cold or flu may take a day from bad to worse for anyone, but imagine the plight of someone who sneezes after every 10 seconds. Doctors are still perplexed.

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