Know the Tri-NETRA system of the Indian Railways

Know the Tri NETRA system of the Indian Railways pardesi news 1469448544

The Indian Railways has initiated process to launch the Terrain Imaging for Diesel Drivers- Infrared Enhanced Optical and Radar Assisted (Tri-NETRA) system to avoid train accidents.

The Terrain Imaging for Diesel Drivers- Infrared Enhanced Optical and Radar Assisted (Tri-NETRA) system is a process initiated by the Ministry of Railways, aimed at avoiding the train accidents.

Tri-NETRA or the third eye was the technology employed by naval ships to map the ocean floor and navigate in the night and also it is used by fighter aircrafts to see through clouds and operate in pitch darkness. Now the Railway Board has also made this system applicable on railways for enhancing the vision of locomotive pilots in rough weather to avoid train accidents. This system will be installed on locomotives for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather.

The Tri-NETRA comprises of two high-resolution optical video cameras, a high sensitivity infra-red video camera and a radar-based terrain mapping system. The devices are capable of collecting signals up to a distance of 2-3 km and displaying the information (composite video image) on a screen fitted inside the locomotive.


These three components of the system shall act as three eyes, or the Tri-NETRA of the locomotive pilot. The images captured by the three sub-systems create a composite video image, quite useful during fog, heavy rain and nights, when drivers have to constantly look outside the locomotive to judge the condition. This image will be displayed on a computer monitor, enabling the driver to see the terrain before the running trains reach the point. Tri-NETRA system would help drivers to have enough time to react to any unexpected obstacle and apply brakes. 

Indian Railways is one of the world's largest railway networks. Unfortunately it has witnessed some major train accidents over the years, due to train derailment, dense fog, heavy rains, night hours etc. which have claimed several lives and injured thousands of people. We hope with the third eye now on, the unfortunate accidents will be mitigated to the core. 

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