Indian babysitter sentenced 14 years of imprisonment in US

Indian babysitter sentenced 14 years of imprisonment in US pardesi news 1459247701

Kinjal Patel held responsible for the death of a toddler in US and faces 14 year of jail term for the same.

A 29-year old child caretaker was found guilty for the death of the child and is punished and jailed for 14 years.

Kinjal Patel filed a plea under the Alford doctrine, in which a defendant does not admit guilt but concedes that there is enough evidence for conviction at trial.

Last year in January, 19-month old Athiyan Sivakumar died after undergoing certain injuries under Patel’s care.

Superior Court Judge Patrick Clifford will impose a 20-year sentence at sentencing in October which is supposed to be suspended after Patel serves 14 years. She is also supposed to serve five years’ probation.

Patel’s attorney Kevin Smith said that since she is not a US citizen, she shall be deported to India after she completes her sentence.

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