A Rare Operation saw a new nose growing on boy’s forehead

A Rare Operation saw a new nose growing on boy s forehead pardesi news 1469019642

A new nose was developed via a surgery to grow on the FOREHEAD of a 12-year-old boy to replace the original, which was damaged due to pneumonia.

In a rare surgery, Indian doctors have reconstructed nose of a 12-year-old Arun Patel through pre-fabricated forehead flap rhinoplasty. It is first of its kind surgery performed in Indore city, central India wherein a nose was grown on the child's forehead, before being transplanted.

Arun Patel suffered from pneumonia at a very tender age, which got worsened with time.  The cartilage of his nose was affected and this damaged, and disfigured the nose very badly.  His parents took him to a doctor in their village in Madhya Pradesh but at a very tender age; doctors were unable to fix it. The treatment provided to him at that time, made his condition worse and he lost his nose from extensive tissue damage.

However, recently, a team of doctors in Indore city used a rare four-phased plastic surgery procedure and replaced the boy’s nose with a new nose that was grown on his forehead. The entire operation took about a year to complete.

According to the lead surgeon Dr Ashwin Dash, the operation was conducted in multiple phases. In the first phase a silicon tissue expander was put on the forehead of the boy to make space to grow a new nose. Then a special chemical was injected to make the tissues expand. In the second phase a cartilage from the chest was taken to create the new nose that grew on his forehead over 3 months. In the third phase the doctors removed the artificial nose and implanted it on his face, and in the final phase they repaired his forehead.

"It was Arun's tenacity and strength that surgery was successful. It was important that Arun start breathing through his nose instead of mouth. Growth in every human being continues till 17-year. Now Arun's nose would grow as equal as other organs and there would be no deformity," said Dr Dash.  

This was a rare operation, but a similar type of operation was also conducted with a man in china in 2013, where a man damaged his nose in a traffic accident, and was given a new one.

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