Know The Mrs India Globe, who works in villages to help educate women

Know The Mrs India Globe who works in villages to help educate women pardesi news 1468926717

Mrs India Globe 2013, Bir Kaur Dhillon who hails from Patiala and lives in Vancouver, Canada, is unique, as she focuses herself on the up-liftment of the rural women through education and providing more oppurtunities.

The Punjabi girl Bir Kaur Dhillon, who won the Mrs India Globe title in 2013, and is settled in Vancouver, Canada, is a beauty who packs a punch. Growing up in Patiala, Punjab she saw how women especially in rural hinterland are devoid of education and better opportunities. As a result, when she won the Mrs India Globe title she decided to highlight social issues in Punjab. She now works for women employment.  

Ms. Dhillon along with her sister Rose Khera has launched the "WOWW foundation" (Women on Women Welfare) in 2013, to empower girls and women through education and vocational training to equip them to become economically independent.  

Her WOWW foundation runs the beauty pageant for married women called 'Mrs India Beauty Queen' that provides personal growth and inspires women of diverse backgrounds and culture to come together and support lifelong commitment to uplifting those in need and to develop a sense of global responsibility.

This Indian-origin model has already adopted 3 villages in Punjab, and will be organising worships on self-defense trainings. Daughter of Olympian Bahadur Singh, she is keen on providing training in self-defense to women. She has also mastered Jujitsu and Wushu, martial art forms.  She also uses funds generated by the beauty pageant and such other activities to adopt more villages in Punjab.

"Empowerment of women is an important issue all over the world, including India. Many agencies of United Nations have emphasized that gender issue is to be given utmost priority. . . . This new phenomenon has also given economic power to women for which they were earlier totally de pendent on males. Economically in dependent women feel more confident about their personal lives," she points out. 

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