US NRI couple heavily penalized for a multi-million healthcare fraud

US NRI couple heavily penalized for a multi million healthcare fraud pardesi news 1468933756

An Indian-American couple, running New Jersey-based mobile diagnostic testing company, has been heavily penalized for a multi-million healthcare fraud. The US court has ordered the couple, to pay $7.75 million as punishment charges.

Dr. Kirtish N Patel and Nita K Patel, both age 53, who owned and operated Biosound Medical Services Inc and Heart Solutions, a mobile diagnostic testing company in New Jersey, has been ordered by a US court to pay $7.75 million for committing a multi-million healthcare fraud. They had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge.

The civil complaint of the government has accused them of creating diagnostic test reports fraudulently, forged signatures of the physician on these reports and then billed the insurance company - Medicare. They also billed Medicare for neurological tests they conducted without the required physician supervision. According to the allegations, over half of the diagnostic reports generated by the couple between the period October 2008 to June 2014 were never reviewed or interpreted by a physician.

The lawsuit was filed under the provisions of the False Claims Act that allows private citizens with knowledge of fraud, to bring civil actions on behalf of the government, and to share in any recovery.

Medicare and private insurance companies paid over $4.3 million to the couple for the fraudulent reports. These huge fraud gains were used for personal expenses, including multiple residences and luxury vehicle. This is also not the first time that the couple has been held accused in connection with the healthcare fraud.

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