Know the ‘SankatMochan’ Rescue Mission

Know the SankatMochan Rescue Mission pardesi news 1468785305

As many as 550 Indians are in South Sudan, out of which 156 were rescued from the first flight. The rescue mission was named, SankatMochan Mission.

SankatMochan – the first flight carrying 156 Indians returns from South Sudan. This includes - 143 including persons, 10 women and 3 infants to depart Juba, South Sudan.

South Sudan has been hit by violence which has claimed hundreds of lives till now. The conflict is because of clashes between government troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and forces loyal to Vice President Riek Machar.  As the violence boiled over, several countries, including the US, India, Germany and Sudan, arranged to have their nationals evacuated from the country.

The operation named ‘Sankat Mochan’ is to bring as many stranded Indians in war-torn South Sudan back home.  The Crisis management has been handled by former army general V K Singh, who has held the ministership of state at the foreign ministry.  He went to South Sudan capital Juba, accompanied the evacuated 156 Indians.  The deporting route was Juba-Kampala-Trivandrum-Delhi.  Indians were ferried back to the country by Indian Air Force carrier C-17 Globemasters which first landed in Thiruvananthapuram and then flew to Delhi.  Around 30 to 40 other persons have already booked tickets for their return by commercial flights.

As per the procedure, only Indian nationals with valid Indian travel documents are allowed to board with a maximum cabin baggage of 5kg and no check-in pieces. Women and children are accommodated on priority. The ministry is yet to ascertain the number of Indians on the second flight.

Norka-Roots, the non-resident Keralites Affairs Department, have made all arrangements for the evacuated persons in the state. Of the first group, 35 belonged to Kerala and 32 to Tamil Nadu, the remaining reached Delhi.  

Finally Kudos to the Indian Minister, who is also the ex-army chief, as this isn’t the first time that he was deputed by the government to handle such a crisis. It isn’t the first time that he pulled it off successfully either. The Indian government finally acted as the “Sankat Mochan”, the reliever from troubles. 

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