Truck Attack Kills 84 in Nice, France

Truck Attack Kills 84 in Nice France pardesi news 1468566191

Revised figures from the French Interior Ministry suggest 84 people dead and 18 in critical condition.

At least 84 people were killed in a confirmed terror attack on France as it celebrated Bastille Day.

A large truck loaded with weapons and hand grenades drove on to a pavement in Nice more than a mile before police shot dead the driver.

The killer was a 31-year-old Tunisian-born French citizen. He was said to be known to police but not on a terror watch list.

According to a witness, “Some people were lying on the streets dead and people were running over the bodies. Everybody was saying it’s a terrorist attack. It’s just horrible, horrible, horrible. I’m in shock. I’m still shaking”“There was still a crowd of people and then you just see this big white panel truck, I couldn’t see the driver, but it just kept going at different angles from left to right at 25 to 30 miles and hour”, said an another witness.

In a televised address, French president Francois Hollande said, "terroristic character" of the attack "cannot be denied. It is clear that we must do everything we can to fight against the scourge of terrorism. ... France was hit on the day of her national holiday, the 14th of July, symbol of liberty, because the rights of man are denied by fanatics and France is inevitably their target".

Condemning the attack, the US President Obama said, "I condemn in the strongest terms what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France".

The attack is worst since a series of coordinated sieges across Paris killing 147 people during November, last year and likely the deadliest rampage ever by a lone attacker.

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