Indian national rescued from Libya

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Indian embassy in Libya secures release of Regi Joseph, an Indian national who hails from Kerala.

Sustained efforts from the Indian External Ministry has led to the release of a Kerala NRI, abducted 4 months ago.

Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM), Mrs Sushma Swaraj recently announced that Regi Joseph a 43-year old Kerala NRI who was abducted in March, 2016, has been released thanks to the efforts of Azar A H Khan, India’s ambassador to Libya.

“Indian Embassy in Libya has secured the release of Regi Joseph, an Indian national from Kerala”, tweeted Mrs.  Swaraj.  She also thanked the personal efforts of Azar A.H. Khan, India's ambassador to Libya.

Joseph who is from Kozhikode, Kerala was working as a computer engineer near the Libyan capital. He had been there for two years with his nurse wife and three children. He was working on national citizen database project for the Civil Registry Authority (CRA); the rivals allegedly wanted to access some records and abducted him. 

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