Young Indian American entrepreneurs riding high on success

Young Indian American entrepreneurs riding high on success pardesi news 1459247701

Young entrepreneurs are the reason behind some of the most talked about tech startups globally.

Young, talented second generation Indian immigrants are forming some of the hottest tech companies in Silicon Valley. The first generation immigrants lay more focus on enterprise tech, however, this new generation of founders have offered a closer connect with the market, creating consumer-facing ventures.

Over the past few years, Indian-born executives have taken up the most important tech jobs in the US, latest example being the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. Pichai and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are examples of such people who left India in the 80s and 90s and today run some of the most powerful tech companies.Young entrepreneurs, with their Indian roots, have initiated some of the most talked about tech startups in the Silicon Valley.
Anand Rajaraman, who co-founded Junglee, a price comparison platform that was bought by Amazon in 1998 says, “The key difference from the prior generation of mostly Indian-born entrepreneurs is that the new set of founders are more confident and connected with the mainstream culture. They are also on an average much younger compared to the Indian American entrepreneurs of the 1990s, who started companies after several years of work experience”.
“This is why you see more consumer-facing startups than before. There has been a steady migration of Indian entrepreneurs up the stack, starting from chips to infrastructure to enterprise software to internet to consumer facing companies. As you move up the stack, there is higher risk but also higher reward”, quoted Rajaraman, he runs an early stage fund, Cambrian Ventures. 

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