US NRI Engineer Guilty of Revenge Cyber attack

US NRI Engineer Guilty of Revenge Cyber attack pardesi news 1468554660

A US NRI Engineer has pleaded guilty to a revenge cyber attack on the computer networks of his former employer and three ex-clients after he was fired from the job.

An Indian-origin Network Engineer, Kamlesh Patel, 40, was found guilty of revenge cyberattack on a network security company and its three other clients, in the US. He has pleaded guilty of hacking the computer of his former employer and three clients by using the network logons of a former colleague and deleting vital information resulting in $137,000 in damages. Patel used specialised software to delete data from all four companies' networks.

He was fired as a senior network engineer at Baesis Inc., a network security and maintenance company based in Northborough in October 2010 due to some unknown reasons he chose to take a wrong path and hacked his employer’s systems to delete the copies of its clients' network configurations, which led to cutting off access to the internet and email.

According to the reports, Patel has agreed to compensate his victims for the losses of $137,000 they incurred as a result of his crime. As per the US laws, he could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine for the crimes of causing damage to internet-connected computers, and five years and $250,000 for using another person's identity to commit a crime. 

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