Sikh population declines

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Various reasons have been evaluated for the serious decline in the growth rate of the Sikh population.Drugs, conversion and migration are some of them.

Drugs, conversions and migration are the basic reasons responsible for the decline in the growth rate of Sikh population. As per the 2011 census, the growth rate has declined from 1.9 percent to 1.7 percent in India.
“While Punjab leaders are promoting their family businesses, the youth has sunk in drugs. So what do you expect from drug addicts?” questioned NRI Sikh leader Nachhattar Singh Chohan.
Nachhattar Singh, leader of the Indian Trucking Association in Canada said, “Yes, migration from Punjab to West is a reason. But the bigger factor is that people are abandoning Sikhism and joining various ‘deras’ in Punjab. The SGPC has failed the Sikhs.”
A Community Activist Balwant Sanghera said, “First and foremost reason for declining Sikh population is the migration from Punjab to West. Second, there is growing awareness to have smaller families.”
Land division and the problems that arise with it have forced people to have fewer chidren.
“Finally, drugs are taking their toll on the Punjab youth. The drugs are reported to be causing impotence amongst boys, resulting in fewer births”, Sanghera quoted.
The lack of opportunities have also pushed Sikhs to try their luck elsewhere in the world, even if it means selling off valuable assets and facing migratory restrictions in many Western countries.

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